Small Asset & Tool Tracking

What is Bewhere Asset Tracking

Bewhere is a bluetooth based small to medium asset tracker. The purpose of this asset tracking solution is to provide a low cost & low energy asset tracker for companies who have tools/equipment with enough value to need tracking, but do not want to have the high cost that come with providing a GPS based tracker for every peice of equipment. The way Bewhere works is by attaching beacons to each peice of equipment and having multiple recievers for these beacons in your offices, vehicles, and even your smartphones. So whenever a beacon enters in range of any of these recievers it picks up and reports to the cloud. This system works great for not losing equipment, knowing last known location, and accountability.


Bewhere has multiple ways to access your portal including a website login, mobile app, and if you are geotab customer Bewheres portal integrates to show in your Geotab database, making it so all of your tracking in one easy place.

GPS Vehicle Tracking


Bewhere harware consits of recievers and beacons. There are 3 types or recievers, the WIFI Gateway which is set up in your main offices/locations and tied to your WIFI wirelessly. The Bluetooth Harness which can be setup in your vehicles and is exclusive to companies who are using Geotab. Lastly you can use you apple/android mobile device as a reciever as well at no additional costs.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Additional Sensors

Along with basic tracking Bewhere Beacons offer a few additional features including Temperature Monitoring, Accelerometer, Light Exposure, and Beacon Battery Life. These are all added columns you can view when viewing your reports in the Bewhere portal. This information can help you learn more about what the current status is of the equipment you have these beacons attached to.

GPS Vehicle Tracking
GPS Vehicle Tracking

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GPS Vehicle Tracking