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Eliminate Distractions for your fleet

Cell Control

Effective December 27, 2011, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration can charge up to $11,000 in fines to your company if a commercial vehicle driver is ticketed for texting or talking on a cellphone without a handsfree device? In fact, the driver can also be fined up to $2750 for this offense as well. We have new customers everyday that initially implemented a written policy to restrict cellphone use while driving only to find out the employees totally disregard the policy. Don't make this mistake.

Cellcontrol technology is a commercial-class, enterprise mobile policy enforcement technology. The solution directly integrates with the vehilce communications port and installs on multiple mobile communication devices such as mobile phone, laptops and handheld radios. Policy maintenance and workgroup management is handled via a web-based portal accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Make a Commitment to Safety! Call GPS Mobile Solutions and learn how effective this technology can be for your fleet. We are confident that you will be impressed with the protection and performance of our technologies.

Customer Success

"I've been using Cellcontrol for several weeks. It's excellent! The website allows for tremendous design flexibility, and the program has been impressive overall. As it relates to the growing need to address distracted driving related accidents, this product definitely hits the bulls eye!"

Jason R. | District Manager

Fortune 200 Food Service Company

"Cellcontrol is impressively configurable, allowing the user to restrict as much or little as needed. This product is definitely needed on the road."

Grant K. | Telematics Product Mgr

"Works great, prevents distraction and highly recommended for all service /management vehicles where the driver has ability to get/send text messages or emails."

Robert M. | Assistant GM

"Cellcontrol is helping us be a safer company and drive premium discounts with our insurer. Their fleet-grade system is designed exclusively for commercial customers, and is exactly what we needed for our vehicles and mobile devices. I would highly recommend their system."

Thompson G. | President

Electric Sign Company

Additional Customers

Features & Benefits

  • Stops Texting, Emailing, Gaming and other distractions while driving
  • Blocks only while driving YOUR vehicle(s)
  • Blocks within a few seconds of vehicle moving
  • Configurable to allow calling parents while driving
  • Configurable to allow navigation apps while driving
  • Configurable to allow music apps while driving
  • Works on over 1000 different phones and devices
  • Ability to deliver speed alerts for your vehicle
  • Can collect mileage for insurers (if receiving discount)
  • Proactive alerting and reporting if user tries to disable
  • Works even if phone does not currently have GPS coverage
  • Excessive battery drain due to GPS usage
  • Reports Mileage of your fleet vehicles
  • Reports Idle time of your fleet vehicles
  • User groupings for blocking and reporting purposes
  • Protect Laptops, Handhelds, and Phones all at the SAME TIME

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