Development and Integration Services for Geotab Customers and Resellers

Fleet Hoster is an expert in business analysis. We specialize in customized integrated applications to bring enterprise data together with Geotab data to create innovative solutions that help drive costs down, generate higher fleet utilization rates, and keep owners, managers and team members more informed about fleet operations.

GPS Vehicle Tracking-Driver Safety

We can work on a project/solution basis or on a monthly retainer. For customers, we can provide special applications, integrations or serve as a technical lead on the Geotab platform. For resellers, we can help with application development, and integrations.

Features & Benefits

- Custom application development
- Mobile app development
- Custom integrations with 3rd party software
- Custom data feeds
- All solutions are hosted and monitored in a secure cloud
- Technical lead on projects

Software Integration

GPS Mobile Solutions provides software integration for various types of applications. Our Geotab GO device records where a vehicle is located, vehicle speed, what time and how long it has stopped. The device also records key engine data including seat belt usage, odometer, engine warning lights, oil, battery and fuel consumption. Additional driving data is also recorded such as accident alerts, hard braking, harsh acceleration and more.

This JSON API allows leveraging the full power of this data in your own application or can be used for integration into other systems.

Various working examples are included in this SDK for use as a starting point in your own code:

  • Display vehicle trips on third party map (For example Leaflet or ArcGIS Web Mapping)
  • Integrate an embedded MyGeotab frame in your web application (real time map, vehicle listing and more)
  • Create your own web interface to import and export Geotab data

Accessing the device's data

A huge advantage when compared to our competition is that Geotab Data Feed API is a scalable, efficient and secure method to access all the devices data.

Three different types of data that can be requested from the api:

  • LogRecords (position/speed)
  • StatusData (readings of vehicle measurements eg oil temp or acceleration)
  • FaultData (faults reported by the engine)

The data feed service sample application allows the feed to be installed as a Windows service and run continuously in the background downloading data from the server (see here).

Importing, exporting and synchronizing

MyGeotab has a set of pre-made applications (which include full source code) for synchronizing critical data and can be used for example to:

  • Import your customer list from a CRM system
  • Download your vehicle maintenance records into a maintenance system
  • Keep your routes up to date based the days deliveries
  • Synchronize your vehicle groups based on the vehicles role in the company

Start using these tools right now by downloading the C# examples here and the JavaScript examples here.

Automating tasks

Integrate common tasks that you perform online using the Geotab API. Create time saving scripts or automated processes such as:

  • When a new pick-up arrives automated the dispatching by sending a text messages to the vehicle's Garmin with an attached GO device
  • Integrate your customer's location and the closest vehicle when a new work order is created

Integrating with MyGeotab

Embed a version of MyGeotab in to your own web application. A great example is providing a website to your customers with insight as to where their deliveries are and when they will arrive. Control the features that appear on the embedded MyGeotab for a seamless integration between your software and ours.

Use a single sign-on authentication with our Geotab API and you will have the ability to manage your MyGeotab user accounts including the following:

  • Receive an authentication token from MyGeotab for a valid username/password
  • Accept the end user agreement on behalf of the user (this has legal implications)
  • Update a users password
  • Add and remove a user

Each MyGeotab page has a url associated with the page which allows this page to be linked or embedded in your own application. To learn more about the potential benefits of software integration, contact GPS Mobile Solutions today for more details!

Integrating other tracking devices in to MyGeotab

GPS Mobile Solutions can also help you with tracking other GPS devices such as heavy equipment. You can see these devices side by side with other Geotab devices in our application. We provision Geotab API's and upload the devices data. Contact GPS Mobile Solutions for more information on how this integration works. The process flow works as follows:

  • Provide Geotab with the details of device type and model number. Geotab issues a new prefix eg. CZ
  • GPS Mobile Solutions will charge a monthly fee for this service so be sure to ask for details.
  • Our application calls the api to provision (create a new serial number) for a device.
  • That serial number can then manually be added to any MyGeotab database or automatically added programmatically.
  • There must a server that then accepts that devices GPS data and then calls the MyGeotab API to send it to the database.

Note: There may be differences in how other devices record data, how frequently or accurate those devices record. Do not expect all of the rich reports in MyGeotab to necessarily work the same way as they do with Geotab hardware - testing is required.

For more information on the Geotab Software Kit, please click here

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