Fuel Card Integration

One of several modular apps in the Fleet BI application, Fuel BI offers complete integration of fuel cards and the Geotab platform including security as an add-in or web application. View all of your company’s important fuel KPIs in the dashboard and visualize the transactions on a map. Track down suspicious transactions with over 50 alerts. The system is fully automated and handles all of your daily transactions from your fuel card provider.

GPS Vehicle Tracking-Driver Safety

Fuel BI supports multiple fuel card providers and accounts on a single customer account in Fuel BI. Getting started is as easy as signing an authorization form. We currently support Comdata, Fleetcor/Fuelman, Voyager/US Bank, and WEX.

Fuel Card Reports

Fuel BI also offers a Geotab Add-in with a dashboard and multiple reports to help you manage all of your fuel card transactions and fuel consumption.

GPS Vehicle Tracking-Driver Safety
GPS Vehicle Tracking-Driver Safety

Who Should Use This

Management, Fleet Manager, Supervisor

Features & Benefits

- Automated Fuel Card Integration with Geotab platform
- Integrated security with Geotab with access control
- Gain insight into fuel costs and KPIs across the entire fleet
- Alerts for managers in control of fuel transactions and fuel theft
- Manually import fuel transactions for other fuel providers
- Low cost and easy setup

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