The Telematic Industry's Most Comprehensive GPS Vehicle Tracking System

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Our industry-leading GPS vehicle tracking system is designed to give business owners clear, concise information on the efficiencies of their mobile workforce. This GPS Vehicle Tracking system is user-friendly, feature rich and provides a high return on investment. Our GPS tracking system will provide detailed information on fuel consumption, speeding exceptions, unauthorized trips, engine diagnostics and much more.

Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Mobile Solution' vehicle tracking application provide real-time vehicle location along with a detailed trip history. You will be able to see map details on when and where a driver breaks policy for speeding, idling, unauthorized trips and much more. We provide a breadcrumb trail utilizing a patented technology that provides the most advanced insights into your employee's driving behavior.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Trips and Activity Reporting

GPS Mobile Solutions provides a detailed vehicle trip history showing the exact time a vehicle arrives, leaves and total duration of stop. GPSMS provides customized reports that yield a more in-depth view of key areas of concern such as time spent at office, drive-time to customer locations, vehicle congregation, and weekly time cards.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

NFC Driver ID

GPS Mobile Solutions provides the latest technology in RFID technologies. Our solution, powered by Geotab's Checkmate software incorporates Near Field Communications (NFC) to deliver Driver Identification for drivers that switch between vehicles. This Driver ID feature requires a driver to "sign-in" with the Driver Key Fob so that management will know exactly which employee is driving which vehicle. All generated reports, rules, and exceptions will be listed by driver and vehicle. The Driver ID feature also provides vehicle immobilization in the event an employee does not return the vehicle promptly.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Customized Rules and Exceptions

GPS Mobile Solutions in partnership with Geotab constantly leads the industry when it comes to improving driver productivity and safety. With Checkmate, a manager can set various preferences within our Checkmate software and receive immediate notices if a driver breaks a rule such as speeding, idling, unauthorized home stops, too much office time, long lunch, and even long stops during work hours.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Congregation Reporting

GPS Mobile Solutions provides a detailed report showing when 2 or more vehicles are at the same location at the same time. For instance, you can identify the drivers that are meeting for long lunches or other unauthorized activities. Don't wait until it is too late to avoid this potential risk!

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Dispatch/Messaging the Mobile Workforce with Garmin

GPS Mobile Solutions provides a dispatching feature that allows you to send route information to a Garmin device on the vehicle which in turn can automatically navigate drivers to the correct destination. Send the vehicle a custom message plus you set the status of driver to 'on the job' when they arrive on a job-site, and even have the vehicle colors change on the map based on their status.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

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GPS Vehicle Tracking