Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Benefits

Law Enforcement Features & Benefits

+ Driver safety scorecard & seat belt detection
+ Monitor lights, siren, doors with IOX-AUX
+ Follow live fleet movement on an animated mapwith Active Tracking
+ Dispatching & route optimization
+ High-performance GPS technology
+ Advanced dashboard reports
+ Open platform for easy data integration
+ Marketplace apps & add-ons

Keeping First Responders Safe with Active Tracking

Fire Departments, Police, and Paramedic Services are all under public pressure to reduce response times, while protecting the safety of drivers and pedestrians on the road. Technology has an important role to play in this effort.

Ideally suited for first responders, delivery and taxi fleets, and any industry in which knowing the precise vehicle position is critical, Active Tracking allows customers to view their vehicles in near real-time. For example, an ambulance dispatcher can watch the vehicle's progress and reassure a caller that the ambulance has just turned off the highway onto their street. Another fleet dispatcher could closely monitor vehicle activity and see, at a glance, if a driver is driving too fast.

Using Active Tracking to Track Your Fleet

Watch live as the vehicle slows down for traffic, accelerates, stops at the side of the road, or speeds down a winding road.

How It Works

Active Tracking is made possible with increased data logging frequency and animation in MyGeotab. The animation feature displays estimates of the real-time location of the vehicle onto the live map. Viewers are able to watch a simulated icon of the vehicle as it is moving. This new feature provides dispatchers and fleet managers with a very accurate depiction of where a vehicle enabled with this technology is at any given time.

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