Lone Worker GPS Tracking & Emergency Notification

A Lone Worker is defined as an employee who performs an activity that is intended to be carried out in isolation from other workers, without close or direct supervision. By its very nature, a Lone Worker faces eminent dangers that provide significant challenges to management.

GPS Mobile Solutions offers a Lone Worker GPS tracking device that will notify EMS responders or company officials of an emergency situation. This device will work anywhere in the world as it is true GPS technology that does not require a cellphone signal to transmit this critical data.

Our latest Lone Worker GPS tracking device is the SPOT Gen3. This industry-leading device provides location-based messaging and emergency notification technology. The work can communicate from remote locations around the globe. Our application offers 5-minute custom tracking interval options, motion-activated tracking, long-life battery and more. Hands-down, our Lone Worker GPS tracking solution provides the Lone Worker with the safest possible working conditions.

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