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Did you know that Geotab has two different mobile apps to meet all your fleet management needs on the go? Both the "MyGeotab App" and the "Geotrax" app are free mobile applications available on Iphone and Android.

GPS Vehicle Tracking-Driver Safety

MyGeotab Application

This app is everything that your Geotab software has to offer. This app does not restrict you from any data you would normally get on your Geotab platform. You are essentially accessing your Geotab website except it is from your phone and designed to be more mobile friendly.

GPS Vehicle Tracking-Driver Safety

Geotrax Application

This app offers you only the ability to go in and look at your vehicles live locations, recent trips and rules broken. This app is purposfully designed simpilar to be easy to navigate on a mobile device and to be simple to read for users who only need to access geotab for live vehicle locations.

GPS Vehicle Tracking-Driver Safety

Geotab Drive

The Geotab Drive Application is a free application that is made for the drivers of Geotab. This app can be used for many things, but its main purposes are HOS (Hours Of Service) and DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report) to see more on this please visit the HOS & DVIR page.

Geotab Drive does have uses for those who are not using HOS and DVIR. Geotab Drive can be used for administrators / dispatchers to send messages or routes directly to a drivers device.

GPS Vehicle Tracking-Driver Safety

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