Law Enforcement Benefits

How Geotab works for Municipalities

Geotab throughout the years have worked with many small and large municipalities throughout the country. With this experience we have grown to understand the specific needs of Municipalities, and what data is important for their fleet managers to see in order to manage their fleet as efficiently as possible. For municipalities Geotab has the ability to

+ Manage Idling to cut down on fuel costs. Geotab has seen on a fleet with approximatley 30 vehicles a savings of $1500.00 - $2000.00 a month of just Idling savings.

+ Monitor unauthorized stops to increase productivity.

+ Manage use of vehicles within your fleet. We have found working with municipalities and other large, mixed fleets that one of your largest investments, your vehicles may not be being utilized as well as they could be. Geotab has multiple ways to monitor how your vehicles are being used throught the use of routing, customer visits, reports that show use of vehicles, detailed history of all trips, and more.

+ Veiw details on areas your vehicles entered through geofencing. For exmaple you can use Geotab to ensure that your vehicles are making the proper stops for Garbage trucks, street cleaners, Maintenance workers, ect.

Law Enforcement Benefits


Driver Coaching Tools for Idling

Driver feedback helps reduce idling occurrence rates within a fleet by notifying drivers when idling occurs, so they can immediately adjust their behavior. The Geotab GO device can be configured to produce in-cab audible beeping through the device's built-in buzzer or deliver a spoken text-to-speech message using the GO TALK Live In-Vehicle Verbal Feedback Add-On.

Track Trends with Custom Reports

The standard Exception Details report, included by default within each MyGeotab database, shows when, where and for how long true idling or wasted time events occurred. By using rules that differentiate between operational and non-operational idling, it becomes possible to calculate a breakdown of time spent within each category. From there, some report customization can provide a scoring element that ranks vehicles and drivers on their performance.

Idling Reports

+ Weekly Idle Cost - Daily Trend Report: Shows the overall cost of idling for the fleet. Intended to be run for a week's duration, broken down daily for trending analysis.

+ Last 3 Months Idling Trend: Displays the total idling time for the entire fleet over the last three months.

Trended Exception Report: Showcase how your drivers are doing compared to each other on a trend. Designed to be reporting for a monthly or weekly data set, showing daily or weekly trends.

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