Temperature Monitoring

Why It's Important

GPS Mobile Solutions provides a Temperature Monitoring System powered by Valor Temptrac. This solution is engineered to help you meet today's temperature-sensitive delivery requirements.

A quality temperature monitoring solution ensures your deliveries, whether it be fresh produce, frozen goods, or high-value assets such as pharmaceuticals, arrive accurately, reliably and safely. Valor TempTrac's patented solution monitors two zones simultaneously (with capacity of up to four zones), and transmits temperature readings through your GO7 to MyGeotab. Call today for more information!

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GPS Vehicle Tracking-Driver Safety

Features & Benefits

Real-time monitoring of temperature inside the trailer, every 4 seconds

Immediate SMS or email alerts for over and under temperature changes

Track temperatures through the life of a shipment and trend temperatures over time

Wirelessly monitor up to 4 zones in real time (additional sensors sold separately)

Real-time monitoring removes the need for manual temperature inspection

Prevent spoilage of temperature sensitive loads

Reduce liability and number of rejected goods due to spoilage

Improved visibility on high value shipments through fleet tracking

How It Works

GPS Vehicle Tracking-Driver Safety

Valor Temptrac uses four simple components to create one complete temperature monitoring solution. Once installed, monitoring temperature is as simple as it is effective. The diagram below indicates a typical setup on a reefer truck.


The internally-mounted sensors simultaneously monitor trailer temperature from two zones (with the option to monitor up to four)

Antennas and Transceiver

The antenna receives data wirelessly from the sensors mounted inside the truck or trailer. It then transmits this data to the transceiver and Geotab GO Device.ck.

Geotab GO Device

The Geotab GO device collects trailer temperature data, along with a wealth of GPS location info and engine data. All of which can be accessed in real-time via Geotab's fleet management software.

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