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GPS Mobile Solutions provides industry-leading Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring systems that integrate with our Checkmate via our SDK. This tire-pressure monitoring system is designed to meet the challenges of fleet management in reducing tire maintenance and fuel costs but more importantly increasing safety.

Our solutions will monitor your tire pressure and temperature, transmitting this data wirelessly to MyGeotab through your GO7 device. The real-time engine diagnostic monitoring capabilities of Checkmate enables our customers to proactively manage its fleet. Ask your current GPS service provider if they have this feature because the vast majority do not have this capability!

"Proper inflation of radial truck tires is the most important maintenance practice to ensure long tire life. Underinflation must never be allowed in over the road truck."

- Goodyear Radial Truck Tire and Retread Service Manual

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General Information: PressurePro’s PULSE is capable of reading pressures from 10 psi to 250 psi, are RS232 capable, and can display pressures in PSI, BAR or KPA. The Monitor also features two customizable low pressure alert levels, a user settable upper high pressure alert, a high temperature alert to warn drivers when temperatures reach 194°F, quick leak alert and a market original cross axle alert. PressurePro’s PULSE also has self-diagnostic tests, allow simple installation and provide drivers with real time tire performance information whether parked or on the road.

TPMS Pulse - How It Works

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