Monitor Driver Safety with In Vehicle Cameras

In Vehicle Cameras

Respond quickly and effectively to events with an appropriate response based on actual event footage sent to your email. Give feedback to drivers or customers based on live realtime playback from your vehicle dash/rear view cameras. Manage your recordings and protect yourself from insurance fraud, false claims, conflicting reports of events with unlimited cloud storage

In Vehicle Camera Benefits

- Cash for Crash or Insurance Fraud Incidents
- Exaggerated/False Whiplash
- Injury Claims
- Lack of Witnesses or Conflicting Reports
- Monitor Poor Driver Behavior
- Lack of Security on Vehicle and Cargo
- Long and Tedious Claims Processes

We help assign guilt where it truly lies, while also providing driving data to improve driving behaviors.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Viewing driving Incedints and Video

Our In vehicle cameras offer a variety of ways to view all of the data and footage that you will need to more effectively monitor your fleet. View live video of your vehicles as they are driving and see events as they happen. Our In vehicle cameras also have the capability to integrate with your Geotab platform making all of your fleet management needs accessible in one place. And to make data usage minimal but still capture what is important to you, our in vehicle cameras use the rules setup withing Geotab to record events so that if there is dangerous driving habits or an accident you can rest assured that you will be able to obtain that recording.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

In Vehicle Camera Features

- Live playback view from SW Dash/Rear Cam
- Login from anywhere with Zendu Geotab Add-In
- Shareable web links to a specific event recording
- Unlimited cloud storage

Geotab Rule Driven Event Recordings

- Accident and Harsh Driving Events
- Backing Up when Leaving
- Geofenced Based Alerts
- Driver Vehicle Inspection Start
- Aux/Measurements (ie. PTO, Reefer Temp)
- Forward/Lane Departure Warning

Success Stories

With an average bus accident cost of nearly $20,000, we chose to investigate On-Board Camera Systems to keep the streets, our drivers and most importantly the children safe. We wanted to see what was happening inside and outside as well as what the driver was doing. After testing more than 10 camera systems, most of them without any differentiators, we decided on the SmartWitness Platform with its Live Streaming Capabilities. Accidents are inevitable and not everyone is honest... cameras don't lie. With 20,000 lbs of weight and up to 72 children onboard, we have a responsibility we take very seriously. SmartWitness allows us to retrieve data from the vehicle in real-time, ascertain faulty immediately and take immediate action. Our clients really appreciate the instantaneous review.

- Jamie Enger, Lakeview Bus Lines

SmartWitness, when utilized alongside our other disciplines, is a massive leap forward and one which has had and will have an enormous impact on our accident costs.

- Simon Thompson,

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GPS Vehicle Tracking